Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab: A Walk Through The Day Of A Writer

Light, sleek, small ab
With a design so fab,
The Samsung Galaxy Tab
Is a gadget to nab!

Your world turns an experimental lab.
Your life is a canvas to dab.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab
Is a gadget to nab!

Friends a click away to gab.
It adds a zing to your zab!
The Samsung Galaxy Tab
Is a gadget to nab!

Swifter than a speeding cab,
With a price that does not jab,
The Samsung Galaxy Tab
Is a gadget to nab!

(*zab – meaning: to be really, really cool)(http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Zab)

As the sun slowly rises in the east and the beautiful morning rays touch me, I am typing away on my Samsung Galaxy Tab. The story would just not let me sleep. I am a writer. I continue writing… My beautiful little Tab has an ambient light sensor that automatically modifies the brightness of the screen to protect my eyes from the glare of the bright screen. My eyes bear no strain even after hours of typing in the dark.

My Samsung Galaxy Tab not only cares about my eyes, it also cares about how much I type everyday. That’s why I could get a pretty keyboard case to match it. It does take the strain out of typing thousands of words everyday!

I hear the pitter – patter of little feet and guess that my 10 month old son is up for the day. Expecting him to come crawling up to me, I look behind and I am shocked. OMG! The little sweetheart is walking. I quickly pick up my Tab and film an entire video of him walking towards me. The 3MP rear facing camera helps you click great photos and shoot HD videos. I complete the shoot with a photo of his sweet morning smile and instantly share the photo on Picassa.

I get on the Social Hub to share the news with all. “Aaru has started walking!” My Twitter, Facebook and all email accounts are in this one stop place and the news starts the rounds!

Instantly my husband wants to see the little one. Sadly, he is in Australia on a business trip. I tell him not to worry and switch on to video chat on my Samsung Galaxy Tab. The 2 MP front camera satisfies his curiosity and he signs off.

After all these morning adventures, Aaru wants to nurse but I want to continue to type my story when the flow is good. Thanks to the fact that my Samsung Galaxy Tab is just 565 gms, I am able to do both.

The morning is up and bright now. And I fix myself a strong cup of coffee and switch on to the day’s newspaper. I am a voracious reader. Thanks to the Readers Hub of Samsung Galaxy Tab, I am no longer swarmed by paper wherever I go. I buy books here and subscribe to my favorite newspapers and magazines too. Thereby, I am doing my bit to save all those trees that are used in making paper. The Wifi and Bluetooth in my Samsung Galaxy Tab ensure that I am connected to all my reading material wherever I may be.

I place my son on his high chair and sit beside him. We both are going to have breakfast. And this fellow would silently complete his meal only if he watches the popular ‘Gummi Bear’ videos. I switch it on in my Samsung Galaxy Tab and the meal proceeds in harmony. The 1280x800 WXGA display, 149 ppi, HD and the dual speakers surround effect bring the music video to life. Suddenly, he puts out his hand and swats at it. The Tab turns and along with it the picture turns too. The gyroscope sensor & accelerometer sensor sense movements and the display is ready.

After breakfast, my son goes to play with his toys. I get the idea for a new poem. I create a fresh document and start typing it out. The Polaris Office gives you the facility of creating and editing documents. The memory provides me adequate room to store all my music, videos and documents. It is so easy to multi-task in the Samsung Galaxy tab. I can listen to music, type and reference material – all at the same time.

Aaru is getting cranky and I understand he wants his morning nap. I put on some soothing music on the Samsung Galaxy Tab and take him and the tab to the nursery. I lay him on a mat and give him a relaxing massage. He simply loves it. After his bath, he goes to sleep deeply.

The babysitter walks in at just that second. I need to run a few errands. I pick up my handbag and drop my Samsung Galaxy Tab into it. It is so slim, just 8.6 mm, and fits snugly into my bag. The GPS, Compass and Google Maps in it are invaluable when I drive around the town.The 3G Connectivity keeps me connected always, wherever I go.

After all my shopping is done, I get back home. Aaru is still sleeping. I pay off the babysitter and go to fix a meal for me and Aaru. Once I am back to my desk, I switch on to my email and it does not need any updating. The Samsung Galaxy Tab has a live panel homescreen that keeps updating my mail and social network updates.

My friends are raving about this new game and I use the Android Tech to download it. Unlike the IPad, my Samsung Galaxy Tab supports Adobe Flash Player and therefore, I can access those websites that use flash too. But, before I can check out the game, Aaru is up. After lunch and all, I decide I am going to make a new dessert for hubby when he gets back. I check out the recipe for Apple Pie. Within seconds its on the screen of my Samsung Galaxy Tab. Wow, that’s speed!

As I type away all evening, it feels a pleasure to be able to so easily look up the dictionary, reference websites, tell a hi on Facebook, pay the phone bill and still continue typing. When I put Aaru to sleep, I remember to check up on the battery. It is still pretty strong. It is 2 days since I charged it. The charge does last long on my Samsung Galaxy Tab. I kiss my Samsung Galaxy Tab goodnight and get into my bed. It is one good friend that every mummy writer needs to have!


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