Saturday, February 19, 2011

Should I start work again?

I was interested in jumping once again into the world of paid writing and I did apply to umpteen companies too.

However, my hubby seems very skeptical of the entire idea. He feels I just wouldn't be able to manage with a mischeivous toddler (can he be considered still a toddler just becoz he behaves like one?) and an infant who feels sleep and meals are over-rated!

The little one is screaming his head off right now and that makes me think hubby does have a valid point. But, at other times, I wonder if hubby is a wee bit scared of facing a woman who hasn't had a decent night's sleep but is trying to persevere doing something she loves. I can get grumpy at such times.

So, should I start work or not? Still wondering?!!!!!

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