Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day 6 of NaNoWriMo: Can I?

Day 1: Excellent - 2560 words done

Day 2: Diwali – I just couldn’t get a single word in.

Day 3: Attended the Chennai write-in – My word count came up to some 4100 words

Day 4: Sudden medical emergency – I had to have a minor surgery done. I actually took my laptop to the hospital. I expected to be in a daze for around 2 hours after the surgery. However, the doctor said that I had to be in the hospital for at least 5 hours. So, I dreamt of myself blissfully tapping away at my laptop for the remaining 3 hours on a comfy hospital bed. (No kids to disturb me, wow!)

Little did I imagine how terrible general anaesthesia can be! I couldn’t see anything for about 5 hours. After which I slowly started recognizing the familiar faces around me.

Once I asked for my laptop and my husband offered to type while I dictate to him. I refused. The story was still an infant and I refused to share him with anyone.

The second time, I woke up from my deep sleep and told my husband that I dreamt of seeing my book on the stands when we both entered the Crossword book store.

The third time, I struggled to sit up but started throwing up. Finally, I gave up the fight and went back to sleep. I slept off the entire day expecting the next day to be a better one.

Day 5: The day was no better. I was in a deep hangover and couldn’t keep my head up. It felt like a sack load of stones had been fixed on top of my head. The head-ache was awful. I was back to bed. The word count stood just where it was.

Day 6: Today. The day has dawned bright and cheerful. My head is back in its place free of the sack of stones and I am back at my laptop. I should have completed 10000 words by now. I have done only 4000. I have another 6000 words to go.

But I am not disheartened. I am not giving up now. If there are folks who have written the entire 50000 words in a day, why can’t I? I will give it my best shot. After all, isn’t November the month of hope?


  1. Of course, you can finish it. It's good to see that you are taking so much efforts for completing the novel. I am writing for some 45 minutes everyday and I have completed about 3500 words (I think). I am a slow reader and slow writer, hence I am not sure if I will finish it this month, but I think I can finish it next month, worst case. All the best!

    Destination Infinity

    1. Hi, I did it only because of meeting inspiring folks like you. Our write-in at Chennai was wonderful. It was too bad that I couldn't attend any more. I had to return to Mumbai!



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