Saturday, November 6, 2010

Becoming A Writer - Book Review

Becoming A Writer
By Dorothea Brande

This little book published in 1934 is relevant to all writers across the globe even today. The book will help you reassess yourself and be a wake-up call to make you get up and get doing!

My biggest enemy has been and continues to be laziness. And the first person to rudely awaken me from my state of stupor has been Brande. Her 'either do it or quit being a writer' command has spurred me to action many a time. I have read and reread the book so many times and have found fresh energy and inspiration each time I turn towards it.

Some insights from the book I found highly useful:

1. Brande urges us to write the first thing every morning. No loo, no tea, no talk, no newspaper, no book - just write!

2. Brande asks us to fix a writing appointment with ourselves every morning for just 15 minutes. Say, for example, you fix an appointment to write at 4 p.m. At 4 p.m., you need to write irrespective of whatever comes at that time. You might even need to lock yourself up in the bathroom to write undisturbed at that time but you need to do it.

The above two points are stressed upon by Brande and she asks you to quit being a writer if you cannot follow through with this. Apart from that, the book also has some more interesting ideas about:

3. Cultivating a writer's temperament and lifestyle

4. How to read as a writer

5. Whether to take advice from others? When?

6. How to and how not to imitate other writers?

7. And lots more...

Also, the most valuable thing that Brande teaches in the book is the writer's magic - how to unleash the genius within you to bring originality and creativity in your work.

The first book I would recommend every writer to read.

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  1. Seems like a good read. Will try to get my hands on it.



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