Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What Men Want?

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Men are pretty simple creatures when compared to their counterparts. Their expectations are limited but they fail to vocally ask for what they seek. This is the root cause for all mayhem. So, what do men really want from women?

• Physically

Good old sex is not what all men expect from all women. So, the physical expectations I am talking about are quite different. The simplest thing that men expect is a smile from the women they encounter. A ‘how-do-you-do’ smile from neighbor, ‘love you’ smile from wife, ‘yes – the boss is crazy’ smile from colleague and ‘you’re the greatest dad’ smile from daughter is more than enough to sparkle their day.

• Emotionally

Men hate two things – responsibility and long-winded explanations. So, women, don’t make the men in your life responsible for your happiness. Learn to be happy with or without them. That is not only what they expect from you, which is also what would bring them even closer to you.

Also, after a quarrel or argument, make up and shut up. They hate long explanations about the history, geography and geometry of quarrels.

• Socially

Men expect women to have basic etiquette, good humour and elegance. So, women, be careful not to pick your nose in public, hog up food at a party or blog nastily about your hubby’s best friend! They will surely hate you for it!

• Culturally

Talk all you want about the metrosexual modern man but the Indian man is deeply rooted in culture and values, at least when it comes to the women he shares his house with. So, men expect women not only to be homely but also to be ethnical and ethical.
If a man finds a woman who meets all the above expectations and also loves him unconditionally, he considers his life to be blessed.


  1. hey, very nicely put! Even I was thinking to write this way earlier.


  2. Hey that was nice article about man by a woman. By the way today's men don't really like culture freak women. They like those women who don't really keep themselves in box in name of culture, men like women who are confident and don't hide their feelings specially from the man who really cares for them.

  3. Thanks Nrupen & Restless.. You are right!



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