Friday, April 17, 2015

Baby Girl (Terzanelle - NaPoWriMo)

(This poem is in the form known as the terzanelle. A hybrid of the villanelle and terza rima, terzanelles consist of five three-line stanzas and a concluding quatrain. Lines and rhymes are chained throughout the poem, so that the middle line of each triplet is repeated as the last line of the following triplet (or, for the last triplet, in the concluding quatrain). The pattern goes like this:
fAFA or fFAA.)
Baby Girl


Sweet little baby girl,

Messing up her bib-

Soft hair with a curl.


Tickling her rib,

Playing with Papa,

Messing up her bib.


Day long, she said ‘gogo-gaga’

Crawling around the house

Playing with Papa


Scaring the house mouse

Squealing like a bat

Crawling around the house


Slipping on the door mat,

Consoled by Mama,

Squealing like a bat.


Consoled by Mama,

Consoled by Papa,

Sweet little baby girl

She kept the house in whirl.



  1. Nicely done! Happy writing.

    I'm so glad to have found you through the A to Z blog challenge. My blog is number 1258 today, by the way. Best wishes!

  2. Thank you Darla. I'll check out your blog too.



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