Monday, April 13, 2015

K: Karma


The phone rang once again. “Paru, this is the twelfth time the phone has rung. Each time, I pick up, this guy says, ‘I love Paru’ and bangs the phone down. Who is this?”

“Daddy, how am I supposed to know? None of my friends will do this?”

“You can’t be sure. How else will he get our home number? I want to throttle this guy.”

“I don’t give out my number to everybody. How can you say that?” Paru burst out crying and her father consoled her.

A few kilometres away, Karan laughed to himself. He picked up the phone to call Paru again.


“What is the meaning of this, Shalini?” Karan asked his daughter. He was holding her mobile phone in his hand.

“How can you take my phone without my permission, Papa?”

“Well, I pay for it, you know. By the way, why is your Whatsapp filled with ‘I love you’ messages? Are you in a relationship?”

“I don’t even know who they are from. I haven’t responded to any. You must have seen that too.” Karan’s heart was heavy. His head was whirling and he couldn’t focus. Suddenly, Shalini burst into tears. “You are so mean. You don’t trust me.”

Karan gave a huge sigh. He walked towards Shalini to console her. Somewhere, far away, Paru’s father laughed, from inside his grave. History repeats itself.




  1. Nice way of showing that history does repeat itself. I am a firm believer of Karma, as I am a Buddhist.
    My link:

  2. Irony is that indeed it does Archana....
    I too am believer of the same.

  3. LOL! Good story Archana
    You are welcome to check my A-Z posts here:

  4. What goes around, comes around :P Interesting!

  5. Well done, Archana. I happens a lot from generation to generation doesn't it?

  6. Good post. It is nice to be reminded that we should learn from our past.



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