Monday, April 27, 2015

W: Wasted


Fridays were always a nightmare at work. Dinonster (Hari’s boss – a person huge like a dinosaur and who behaved like a monster) made him work harder to compensate for the weekend. Hari drew the sales report for the week again. Dinoster always wanted more details, annexures, forecasts and all the works. It was already nine by the time Hari stepped out of office.

His wife, Sujata, had already called him five times in the last four hours. Their little baby girl was not well. She had an upset tummy and Sujata wanted him home.

“Don’t go today, Hari. Please. Tara is not well and I am so tired. Come home please.”

“You know this. We have spoken about this, even before our marriage. Fridays are the only evening I have for myself. I need to go to the bar. Don’t stop me. Don’t call me too, unless absolutely necessary.”

Hari could sense Sujata’s displeasure. He shrugged his shoulders. He cannot compromise on this. He drove to ‘Lucky Duck’. His palms got sweaty and he wiped them on his pants. He removed his tie, opened the first button of his shirt and folded up the long sleeves. The Sony folks were expected today. It could be the break he had been waiting for all his life. He picked up his guitar from the backseat and gave it a kiss. He closed his eyes in reverence and then jumped out of the car.

Fridays made it all worth it. Giving up his music to study MBA, getting a job to look after his widowed mother, working his ass off for some MNC – all seemed worthwhile, because every Friday, he played his heart out here, to seduce the music industry icons. They scoured this place looking for the next big talent. Someday, he will get his chance and then, life won’t seem so wasted.



  1. That is so sad. At first I was angry because he neglected his wife's pleading but then I felt sorry because he was caught in his miseries. Good one :)

  2. Portrays the ups and downs of life and the 'neither good nor bad' characters well!
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  3. Wasted indeed! So sad. Beautifully written Archana :)
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  4. At least he has one day to himself, to pursue his dream...hope he will make it big one day.

    1. I pray so too Janaki for all the Haris in the world.

  5. That one day a week seems so fragile against his responsibility to work and his need to be at home. What is it that drives us to create? This story could be longer, tells us more about that relationship with his wife, perhaps give her understanding? These are interesting characters caught in a world without much flexibility. Something will give. Hope you write more -- even after that A-to-Z blogging challenge is complete! Beth

    1. Thank you Beth. Yes, I should write more.

  6. Oh! The strange dynamics of relationships. I wish his wife was more supportive of his dreams. I wish he gets his lucky break soon. I wish Dinoster would get a life!

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