Saturday, April 18, 2015

Cost of Coffee

A Tropical Iceberg at Coffee Day
was a treat in those days.
It was just a quarter cup of coffee,
that is coconut flavoury.
The rest three-fourths was just ice
and still we thought it fabulously nice.

It cost two ten rupee notes
that we stringently saved by many routes.
Fifteen years have flown by
and the menu card is now a lie.
It tells me I need to shell out
a 120 bucks flat out,
for the very same Tropical Iceberg.

Money doesn't grow on trees.
Isn't water supposed to be free?
Can ice too, cost so much more?
Coffee Day is such a bore.



  1. Hehe.. Coffee giants nowadays charge for the logo on the cup and not the coffee the cup contains..
    Nice poem!
    Fellow #AtoZChallenge Blogger
    Mithila @Fabulus1710



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