Tuesday, April 21, 2015

R: Respect

“I cannot imagine your father can buy such a cheap quality of rice for this house. Doesn’t he know we only eat basmati?” Gangamma had started her refrain. Nothing done by her daughter-in-law Revathi and her family was any good. Revathi’s father had visited them yesterday. He had come bearing gifts of rice, pulses, sweets and savouries. Gangamma had found fault with everything.

It was a month since Revathi had entered the house. She decided it was time to move on to Plan B. Plan A, comprising respect and tolerance, had proved to be a complete failure. Her father-in-law had no backbone to stand against his wife, though he passively disapproved of her actions. Her husband had no time for all ‘this nonsense’. She had to stand up for herself.

Next day, after the men had left, she locked the door to her room. She could see Gangamma’s shadow beneath the closed door. She was eavesdropping, as usual. Loudly, Revathi spoke into the phone. “Balu Anna, this lady is a pain. I can’t tolerate her anymore. You need to finish her off, just like last time. Just like how you chopped off Lalitha’s mother-in-law.” Revathy gave a small pause. “Hmmm. I’ll wait for a few days and then tell you when we can go about it.”

Neither was her brother Balu an assassin, nor did they chop off Lalitha’s mother-in-law. Lalitha’s mother-in-law were murdered by thugs for her gold, and Revathy decided to use the accident to her benefit. Even, if Gangamma complained about this to anybody, no one will believe her. Revathy smiled to herself. She is bound to get some respect now.



  1. Haha.. quirky way of tackling an irritating mother-in-law, I must say!

    Fellow #AtoZChallenge Blogger
    Mithila @Fabulus1710

  2. hahahaha quite a gamble she is playing :D



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