Sunday, April 12, 2015

Chennai (My favourite place)

Surprisingly, today's prompt for NaPoWriMo and for the Photo-a-day challenge by #theidearoom is 'My Favourite Place.' What do you do when you have two places close to your heart? You choose one for each prompt. So, here you have a poem on Chennai and here you can find a photo of Mumbai.

And, here's the poem...

Whenever the plane zooms down the runway,
my lips pull into a smile.
I want to tear away that seat belt
to sneak a peek at the Chennai sky.
I'm back here! I'm back home!
My heart races against gravity.
Always, Appa would be there before me
to sneak me away in his car.
Amma waits with the doors open,
allowing appetising aromas to escape,
and neighbours know I'm coming
even before I've reached.
When I walk around the city,
memories try to drown me.
It was here that we played volleyball,
and there we went after bunking college.
It was here that I won that debate competition
and there I got my University rank.
When I go to the stores,
all the shopkeepers recognise me.
Sometimes, when someone doesn't,
it really does sadden me.
My mother after marriage once told
all cities are just dirt and concrete,
it is people alone who make us love a place,
and I now know there is truth in it.
It is the love from everyone here
that makes my heart grow so fond.
Every time, I leave this place,
a tear rolls down my face.


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