Wednesday, April 22, 2015

S: Snake


Six year old Shwetha ran to her mother. “Mummy, there is a snake near the tap. I shut the door of the bathroom. It is inside.”

“Oh, no. I’ll call the watchman,” she told her daughter and dialled on the intercom. “Security, there is a huge poisonous snake in our bathroom. Come immediately.”

The security told his supervisor. “There are 2-3 huge cobras in Flat 908. Call the snake catcher immediately.”

The supervisor called the snake catcher on his mobile. “Please come immediately. Lots of huge poisonous cobras have entered an apartment here.”

The snake catcher, with his full paraphernalia, along with a troop of others, entered the apartment. Shwetha and her mother huddled in a corner. He cocked his ear to the closed bathroom door, to find out where the snake could be. Then, he opened the door gingerly. The black thread, which holds her mother’s pyjama to her waist, lay coiled around in a corner.



  1. Ha ha a mountain out of a molehill example :) Enjoyed reading it :)

  2. *lol* Perfect! This is so true to anything told by word-of-mouth. Would make a great joke on television or in a comic book. :D
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  3. hahaha! That is great, classic game of telephone!

  4. hahahahahahahahahahaha
    A tale of Chinese whispers - beautifully written :D
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  5. ahhahaha ROFL :P looks like it became a game of chinese whispers :P

    1. Yes Rajlakshmi. The game inspired me to write this.



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