Monday, April 6, 2015

E: Easter Egg

E: Easter Egg

 The restaurant spelled hope.
On this day, Jesus entered heaven
and Maria hoped so will she.
All day, Chris had looked into her eyes,
but she had wished it was her heart,
for them he'll know all she wants
is that little ring to show the world
they will always be one.

Chris had given her teddies,
flowers and baubles.
He had taken her to hotels,
movies and beaches.
He had played it all by the rules,
except popping up that question,
for which her heart broods.
It's two years since they met,
on a bright Easter morning
in their tranquil church.
Even after two Easters past,
they had stuck together fast.
It was time to make it official.
Maria couldn't bear the superficial.

Half way through lunch, he said,
'I have something for you. '
Her pacing heart missed a beat
as he took out a pink egg from beneath.
'This Easter egg is so special
I baked it all by myself. '
She was touched with his baking,
but couldn't stop her face from drooping.
She walked home with eyes on ground.
'Maybe, he wasn't serious, after all.'
She ran to her room and shut the door.
After two years of a crazed love,
All she had was an egg to show.

 The tears of self -pity turned to rage
and she flung away the blushing egg.
It smashed on the opposite wall,
scattering a million baked fragments.
The only piece left of it
was a huge glittering golden bit.
Her eyes popped open
and she ran towards it.
She picked up the diamond ring
wiped her tears and kissed it.

 A little note lay beside.
'I couldn't live if you said no.
I just had to be sure...
If you've smashed the egg
and read this note,
then it's time to fix the wedding date.
Sorry to have made you wait.'



  1. Oh such a cute poem Archana, this is fabulous!! Loved it so much!!

  2. This is exactly how my friend's boyfriend proposed to her. Pretty cool.

    1. Wow Suzy! Nice to know my fictional character exists somewhere! ;)

  3. Wow so very picturesque and beautifully rendered..loved it..☺

  4. I love your poem, so quirky and imaginative! The last paragraphs were the best. :D
    My link:

    1. Thanks Devika. I'm happy you liked it. :)



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